What Others Say

well done BRAND NEW START just put my foot in the door the other day what a refreshing shop in hornsey. when is the next social gathering johnny?

Winter Craig Winter

Hi Jonny…We had the pleasure of meeting you this week by coming in yr enchanting shop…
I wonder if you know about Funding Central…?
Have a look if you haven’t…
I always recommend this to anyone courageous enough to do what you are doing x keep up the good work.. xx

Gina Challen

I have been driving past the shop since it opened and noticing interesting objects in the window and assumed it was just another tastefull posh antiques shop, yesterday i was early for an appointment in crouch end so took a few minutes to park the car and go into the shop and LOVED it, chatted with ‘Nicky’ who was friendly and charming, and read a beautiful poem that was simply printed on a seet of A$ printer paper and placed on a shelf in the window with some other beautiful objects. I soon realised this place was so much more than a trendy shop and have just read the mission statement on this site. I find it so inspiring and reassuring to find that there are some creative and community minded people out there like ‘Jonny’ who not only have the vision but also the gumption and drive to make something like this happen. It makes me feel more positive about life in general to find something like this when life in London can so easily beat you down , it does me, but something like this makes it seem a less oppressive and depressing place to be, it gives me HOPE!!!! Thank you Jonny, Nicky and all who help make this be.

Drak Ula

Hi there, I live round the corner from you in Priory road so often pass your shop. I also run a blog called North London Creative professionals and as it’s relatively new, we are running free featured posts for creative North Londoners. I would love to feature your shop and some of your artists on the blog. Let me know if you are interested.http://northlondoncreativeprofessionals.wordpress.com/ thanks Claire

Claire Demmer-Considine – Photograher, Haringey