Kimi Wylde


Kimi Wylde

Work statement


In my work I explore painting on two levels: the process of painting as a dialogue between form, colours and composition, creating a particular aesthetic; and the world created by the artist – part of what I’m interested in is creating a world within a frame more than making any statement. I feel any statement made is more an indirect comment on modern society. I deal with subjects that interest me as a person and examine them through the language of painting.

I investigate painting through its “significant form” (Clive bell) – the quality generated by the relations between line, colour and shape.                                                                                                               Furthermore I believe that a work of art should firstly be seen in isolation and examined for its own properties and qualities, before being placed into its historical and cultural context. I’m interested in a painting as an isolated system of meaning, relative to itself, as if generating it’s own unique linguistic system.

Mixing a rational perspective with an irrational impulse, the whole process is the path to understand and deal with my world, in both its conscious and unconscious aspects.

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Kimi’s Exhibitions and Projects


Group show, OCCA, Santa Ana, LA, USA



-Solo exhibition, The Noble, Crouch Hill, London

-Jacksons Lane Solo exhibition North London


Flag stop – an alternative art fair Los Angeles


– Big deal sexy 100 – Group show London Kentish Town


– Producer for a documentary about Neve Tzedek, the historical and now highly fashionable Tel Aviv neighbourhood where internationally renowned sculptors, musicians, poets and architects made their iconic statements in the late 20th Century. The film is due to be released in 2012 and will include interviews with the groundbreaking masters.


-Debut Contemporary, group show, West London

-Poland, Lublin, Arteria, M11, Group exhibition, body art exhibition.

– Islington art society exhibition, Stoke Newington 

– Debut Contemporary, group show, West London


Mixed Media Fine Art joint show — P3 Gallery, Marylebone, London

‘Big Deal 3’ — Camden High Street, London

‘Balagan’ group exhibition — Tel Aviv


The Foundry, Old Street — “Art Crunch Now”, hosted by Aaron Barshak

Solo exhibition ‘Cheap and Dames’ Finsbury Park


 Tiger Artstock’ — combined exhibition at the fringe festival Stoke Newington


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