The Project

Starting a Brand New Project

Brand New Start is setting up an arts & culture venue in the heart of Hornsey, at 44-46 High Street N8 7NX, comprising an art gallery and versatile workshop & performance space that will provide a platform for the local community to showcase and celebrate their work; enjoy freedom of expression; and collaborate in new and exciting ways. Once this is established Brand New Start is proposing the development of a creative and expressive live / work centre in the North London area for several artists who, as part of the ethos of the project, agree to donate 25% of their time to the community through education, workshops, performances and other cultural events. The aim is to: bring people together through a highly creative and artistic social enterprise; produce and exhibit works of beauty; and demonstrate the potential of local co-operation and collaboration to affect positive social change within the community and surrounding areas.Profits made through the Brand New Start live / work centre will be put towards the running of the gallery venue, creating a self-sustaining and ethical system that will benefit the community greatly.


Mission Statement 

Our mission is to provide Hornsey, Crouch End and the surrounding areas in North London with an accessible, versatile and creative space where people can share ideas; celebrate local arts and culture; and collaborate with one another to make great things happen. 

We want to develop an environment that will foster creativity, empathy, freedom of expression, co-operation, innovation and collective action through meetings, workshops, exhibitions, performances and other social events to achieve vital progress in the area. 

We are confident that together with the community we can really stir up the arts and cultural scene; raise awareness of the immense amount of local talent and skill; significantly boost the local economy; generally improve quality of life in the area; and have a positive impact throughout the rest of Haringey and the surrounding boroughs. 

The core values underpinning this project are…

  • personal and social development through the arts
  • solidarity, cooperation and collaboration in the community
  • exhibition and celebration of local talent
  • to promote sustainability through practice
  • education through sharing knowledge and skills
  • to provide accessible platforms for people’s voices

empowering people to control their lives and support others


Get Involved 

We’d love to hear from you! Whether you are an artist, musician, poet, performer, writer, designer, architect, carpenter, plumber, electrician, shopkeeper, accountant, lawyer, something else… or even someone who’s figuring out what they want to do… please do get in touch and tell us about yourself and any ideas or suggestions you’d like to share with us. We will add you to our network of people who want to be a part of making Hornsey, Crouch End and the surrounding areas the best they can be. With all the amazing and talented people who live here we know we can achieve great things!

Join our Artist Database

and please give us as much info as possible (are comfortable with) so we can stay well connected…