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Invitation To A Summer Fete

28 June


Brand New Start cordially invites you

to the Summer Fete in the heart of Crouch End.

H o r n s e y  T o w n  H a l l  S q u a r e

Saturday 29th June. | 11.00 a m – 3.00 p.m



“Who Else Wants Improvements

To The Haringey Community They Live In?”

We make it easy and fun – not hard work!

No BS Just Great Results

Giving You Time To Focus On YOUR Life.



arrowred Want more live music events in Haringey?  

Done – We have regular live music events, many featuring local musicians as well.

 arrowredWant more exhibitions of art and photography?  

Done – At Brand New Start Gallery we will be exhibiting many well-known artists from London as well as some from N8.

arrowred Want an opportunity to learn new skills  

Done – We are creating an area in our gallery dedicated to workshops and classes for the benefit of our local residents, young and old.
arrowredWant an opportunity to showcase your talents? at affordable prices?  

Done – We’ve got you covered – We provide a performance space to help talented artists, musicians and others to a Brand New Start!

Improving life in our community should be simple not hard work!


Give us a few minutes of your time and you’ll get the results you want!



When we say it’s simple… trust us. It’s Simple.

We are the masters of simple.

Is our community improvement work ground breaking? No.

But have you seen anything like it ever? Probably not.

Brand New Start is committed to helping YOU and building a better community for all in Haringey.

Join us and let’s get the results you want.



That’s our goal here.

We’ll help you give you all the support and tools needed to do so.

You are OUR priority here.