Richard Batty

Richard Batty artist RICHARD BATTY – Tel:07585924305

BA Fine Art and Graphic Design 2005, Bristol University Of West England
Richard’s work presents a highly innovative approach to oil painting on canvas, blurring the lines between fine art and graphic design, is perhaps what appeals to audiences around the world ‘’the drawing determines the picture; the painting part is experimental and meditative’’. The resulting paintings are a tapestry of modern life; chaos, hope, iniquity, despair, aspirations, spirituality and the detritus of everyday life all meet in a heady dream-like world, deeply evocative and symbolic.



 Here at Brand New Start we are always delighted when Richard drops of a new work for us to display. If you want to see  more of his work why not check out his personal blog “Batty by name, Batty by nature” or just come visit the gallery. 😆